House of Ahmad Shah Abdali at risk of collapse

KABUL (TOLOnews): The residence of Ahmad Shah Abdali, who is considered the founder of modern Afghanistan, is in very poor condition and is at risk of collapse, say cultural experts. Abdali is also referred to as “Ahmad Shah Baba.”
The residence has existed for three hundred years.
Reconstruction work began under the previous government but was halted in the wake of the political change.
Cultural analysts called on the current Afghan government to prevent the residence from being demolished and to repair it as soon as possible.
“The department of the Information and Culture should allocate a budget for the repairment of the house” said Noor Ahmad Karanmal, a poet.
“We call on the Afghan traders and those who love culture to help the government repair this house and thus we can preserve our historic values,” said Shams Krwan, a civil right activist.
“If the government doesn’t pay attention to it, it will be destroyed,” said Abdul Hadi, a guardian of the residence.
Despite the former government’s promise to rebuild this historic place, the residence is now in a critical condition and its repair has yet to be started.
The Kandahar Department of Information and Culture said that a preliminary survey has been carried out to renovate Ahmad Shah Baba’s house.
“We have prepared all the necessary documents for the repairing of this house and sent it to the relevant departments,” said Abdul Shakur Sapand, director of Information and Culture of the government.
The former government was planning to change Ahmad Shah Baba’s house to a historic area and a museum.