Hundreds joined police forces after graduation in North

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KUNDUZ (Agencies): 450 members of the National Police graduated from the Northeast Zone Police Training Center in Kunduz Sunday, after passing 6 weeks of professional and ideological courses.
In a ceremony held on the occasion, the chief commander of Kunduz Qari Bakhtyar called the police the defenders of the country and the servants of the people, appreciated the efforts of the officials and instructors of the training center, and wished the best luck to the graduated cadets in their next duties serving people.
An official of the National Police Training Center in the north-eastern zone of Kunduz told Bakhtar News Agency that in the first course of the National Police Training Center, 450 National Police who attended from four northern provinces graduated after 6 weeks of military and ideological courses.
The newly trained personnel held a parade during the graduation ceremony, demonstrating their ability to combat drug trafficking, kidnapping, and other crimes.

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