IEA reacts to Biden remarks over disunity

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KABUL (Tolo News): The Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan reacted and denied the recent remarks of US president Joe Biden over the inability of Afghan people to reach unity.
Spokesperson of the Ministry Abdul Qahar Balkhi in a series of the Twitter post said that Joe Biden’s remarks over “Afghanistan being the graveyard of empires” reflect the fact that Afghan people have been united.
Abdul Qhar Balkhi admitted that the people of Afghanistan have not been united when being under the occupation but added that the people have always fought against transgressors together and with unity.
“Separated nations cannot defeat superpowers; these are only the united nations that eliminate empires and superpowers. We see that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has ensured security across Afghanistan, has united people, and has established a centralized government after the defeat of occupants.” Reads a Twitter post.
Disunity is a phenomenon that has been used by occupants as a tool and means for their survival but Afghan people have fought them with shared Islamic faith and shared historical gains. Speaking at the White House, Joe Biden said that no one can unite the Afghan people under the umbrella of a single government.

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