IEA seeking good ties with its neighboring countries

KABUL (Agencies): Acting Prime Minister and Deputy for Political Affairs, Mawlavi Abdul Kabir, said in a meeting with the Chinese ambassador in Kabul that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan wants good relations with all its neighboring countries.
Kabir met with the Chinese ambassador, Wang Yu, in his office, the prime minister’s office said in a statement. Wang expressed satisfaction with the security situation in the country and said China wants enduring peace and stability in Afghanistan.
China believes that peace in Afghanistan is for the benefit of the region, neighboring countries, and China, he added. With joint efforts of Kabul and Beijing in the economic sector, we can achieve great success in the future, Wang said.
For his part, Kabir reminded Wang of the historical ties the two countries share and said Afghanistan has always sought good ties with all its neighbors, including China, and that IEA is committed not to allowing Afghanistan’s soil to be used against any other nations.
Kabir thanked China for providing facilities to Afghan businessmen and said that the Islamic Emirate is ready to provide all facilities to Chinese investors, and maintain their security in Afghanistan.