Japanese citizen appeals for recovery of his money

F.P. Report

PESHAWAR: A Japanese national Noboru Miyama has appealed Chief Justice of Pakistan, Inspector General of Police and Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to help recover his embezzled millions of rupees from Mazoor Ahmad of Peshawar.

Mazoor Ahmad of Kakshal area of Peshawar was his employee in Japan who had stolen Rs 22 millions from him, alleged Japanese national while speaking at a news conference on Thursday at Peshawar press club.

Sharing details of the incident, Mr Miyama said that he (Manzoor) was working in his company for two years in Japan and on his request, his children from Peshawar had also been brought to the country and accommodated there on the expenditure of the company.

After passage of two years with the company, Manzoor told me about one of his friends who was running his business in Dubai, demanded for spare parts of the company, Miyama informed and adding he had dispatched some seven containers to Dubai.

“I being an owner of the company trusted him (Manzoor) and also sent him with the containers to collect the concerned amount and deposit in the company”, he claimed that after receiving the sum, he disappeared for some months and came to Peshawar. He said, he then had talked to his father in Peshawar from Japan through cellular phone for the money, which he ensured to return it to the company but still did not do so, “The audio recording is available”.

The owner of the company Noboru Miyama sent me to Peshawar to collect money from fraudulent, who was not present in Peshawar while his father ensured to return it but did nothing, one of another employee of the company Azizur-Rahman told media. He said after failure in collection of the amount, he requested the company owner to come himself here in this regard.

“After some months, the deceiver came back to Japan and told me that someone has stolen the money from me in Dubai, but the company started investigation into the matter and proved that Manzoor has embezzled the money”, Mr Myama alleged. However, he informed he had also requested the Dubai’s government to bring him through Interpol as he did fraud in the country not in Japan, but it demanded for $30000 as a charge in this regard and did not give guarantee to recover the money from him.

He said, he had paid for two times visits to Peshawar, requested local police officials and disputed resolution committee as well to recover the money from him but no one helped him, “I have been here in Peshawar for two months”, he lamented.

Responding to different queries, the owner of the company said Manzoor was now in Japan and running his business but he could not be arrested in the country as he committed the crime in Dubai, “My blunder was to trust him as without agreement as per rules of the country (Japan), sent him for collection of the amount”, he regretted.

Bacha Khan, who has been living in Japan for 35 years, accompanied by Noboru Miyama on behest Pakistani embassy in the country to help him, expressed his concern over a big fraud by a Pakistani and said it would bring bed name to this country if the money were not recovered from Manzoor by any mean.