Kardashians’ lawyer slams Blac Chyna for coming to court with $100k bag

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CALIFORNIA: Blac Chyna was slammed for coming to court with a $100k bag by Kardashians’ lawyer amid an ongoing $100million lawsuit.

The Instagram model sued the famed family for cancelling her and Rob Kardashian’s reality show, Rob & Chyna.

During the trial on Thursday, Cyna was asked harsh questions by the lawyer Michael Rhodes, including about her income and alleged financial woes.

Kardashians’ legal counsel pointed out that Chyna arrived in court with a Hermes bag.

“Did you come to court with a $100k purse?” Rhodes asked.

Chyna claimed that the bag was worth $40k.

“You’re doing pretty well?” Rhodes said referring to her luxury cars, including a Bentley and Lamborghini.

Chyna responded that she “could be doing better.”

Moreover, Rhodes also presented a bank statement and tax returns to point out that Chyna provided no personal bank statements and her tax returns are also missing from 2018-to 2021.

Rhodes told Chyna, “We have no ability to verify your income.”