Karzai denounces Wardak attack as “service for aliens”

KABUL (Afghanistan Time): Former President, Hamid Karzai strongly condemned Monday’s terrorist attack on an intelligence training center in Wardak province, calling any type of violence by war sides “tyranny against the people of Afghanistan and serving for aliens”.

A suicide bomber detonated his vehicle loaded with explosives at the entrance of the national directorate of security education center in Maidan Shahr city, provincial capital, helping his comrades storm the center to shoot the personnel.

More than 100 people were killed and dozens more injured, according to security and health officials.

Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

“I call on the war sides to save their people and home from foreign interferences and the war imposed on us for the aliens’ interest through mutual understanding and intra-Afghan dialogues. As the sons of this country, they should fulfill their national and religious responsibilities regarding their home and people and that is peace and independence,” Karzai said Tuesday in a statement.

He wished paradise for the dead and quick recovery for the injured.

The attack came just on the same day Taliban sat for the fourth time with the US delegation in Qatar to talk on peace process.