KP Governor hails role of tribal journalists

F.P. Report

LANDI KOTAL: The nation has remembered sacrifices rendered by the tribal journalists in the line of their professional duty and they have contributed with their blood for restoration of durable peace in the area. Problems being faced will be taken up with the federal government for its resolution.

These views were expressed by the governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Haji Ghulam Ali while addressing the oath taking ceremony of the interim cabinet of Tribal Union of Journalist (TUJ) merged districts here in governor house, Peshawar on Thursday. He said that the journalist community in general and tribal media persons especially had rendered unmatched sacrifices and it would be wasted.

Beside decades of unrest in the merged tribal region, the tribal journalists executed their professional duties efficiently,he opined. The governor assured that the federal government was well aware of the miseries of the tribesmen and all initiatives would be adopted to provide them relief and remove their sense of deprivation.

Prior to it, the governor administered oath to the 18 members interim cabinet of TUJ with its chairman Qazi Falullah. Qazi Fazlullah, the newly elected chairman of TUJ, appraised the governor of the problems of tribal media persons and said that without any proper patronage of the government or international communities, they were executing their professional duties in hostile surroundings.

He demanded provision of all basic rights being enjoyed by journalists in downtown to them. Central leader of Jamiat Ulema E Islam,Fazalrehman(JUI-F)Aman Ullah Haqqani, JUI-F, Khyber Mufti Ijaz, Jihad Shah Afridi and number of media person from ex-tribal region participated in the moot. It is to be mentioned here that TUJ was restored after a decade aimed to safeguard rights of the journalist community of tribal merged districts.