Lazy Masoub in Jeddah

Monitoring Desk

JEDDAH: Lazy Masoub is a newly opened restaurant in Jeddah offering Saudi street food with a contemporary twist.

Inspired by the banana carts found in downtown Jeddah, the eatery’s name refers to a traditional dish made of mashed banana and chopped saj pie, topped with honey or cream and usually eaten as a dessert.

The restaurant’s signature masoub dish is served with a variety of toppings and extra banana, mango, strawberry, avocado, and nuts, and the outlet also offers a range of authentic Saudi recipes with international and Middle Eastern touches including masoub konafa, foul baba, mutabbaq trio pepperoni, and liver tacos.

The food is served in Korean stone and pottery bowls and on plates with dried ice fog adding to the presentation.

Courtesy: (Arabnews)