‘Live in Concert’ latest music platform launched

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: BBPR kicked off the New Year with its latest music platform, Live in Concert with the heartthrob Hasan Raheem. The event was hosted at District 19 and was nothing short of a star-studded event.

The event was a trip into the world from the perspective of Hasan Raheem. Hasan Raheem launched his latest album. This song’s music video was also premiered during the launch. The underlying notion and creative spun came from the concept that all creativity originates from the bathroom!

Talking to the occasion Hasan Raheem Said “I am ecstatic to perform my Nautanki album for the first time at the PR event with BBPR to launch their latest music platform Live in Concert. Each song recorded in Nautanki is for you to interpret. I hope that they remind you of love stories of your own. How does the concept of change relate to how we label love? We must be aware of our feelings and senses in order to truly offer our minds to one another. Many people and things move me.

Therefore, I continue to create music.”

‘Live In Concert’, a new and dynamic platform was launched by BBPR as an initiative to showcase phenomenal artists’ experiences with the world with the sensational Hasan Raheem being the first spotlight talent. BBPR is the largest corporate PR agency in Pakistan. They celebrated their 15 years which was commemorated through the launch of this event as well as the attendance of Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza and Patangeer.

“We, as a nation, have immense talent and a long-standing connection with music. BBPR as a company wants to acknowledge these musicians, young and old, by promoting them and giving them a platform where they can showcase their talent to the rest of the world!” Expressed Hasan Rizvi regarding his new platform.

Music is a universal language and concerts have changed the face of the live music industry and become an essential source of revenue for the music business.

Pakistan lacks premises and platforms that can encourage and help artists launch their music albums which gave birth to this concept. “Live in Concert with Hasan Raheem” is just the beginning and many more will follow, building a path for the rest to follow and shine through in the future.