Louvre Art Museum to raise entrance fee by 29% ahead of Paris Olympics

PARIS (Reuters) : The Louvre Art Museum in Paris plans to increase its basic entrance fee by 29% next year. This move has raised concerns about the potentially escalating expenses for visitors, particularly those coming to Paris for the Olympic Games.

The Louvre, which houses Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic “Mona Lisa” and is the world’s most-visited museum, said on Friday that its entrance fee would go up in January to 22 euros ($23.70) from 17 euros. It is the first price hike since 2017.

The Louvre said the higher tariff would help it deal with higher energy costs and fund free entry to certain people, such as those under 18, teachers and journalists.

Gallery workers remove the painting
Gallery workers remove the painting “Liberty Leading the People” by Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863) from its picture rails at the Louvre Museum ahead of restoration work that is due to last until spring 2024, Paris, France, Sept. 20, 2023. (AFP Photo)

It did not mention the Olympics. However, the Louvre’s price increase is set to coincide with other rising costs in Paris as the city prepares to host the Olympics.

Paris metro ticket prices will almost double during the Olympic Games, which start on July 26 next year.

Visitors heading to Paris next summer also face major accommodation problems amid soaring hotel prices and a crackdown on rentals of tourist apartments. A report by the Paris Tourism Office showed that hotel prices would rise by over 300% between the 2023 and 2024 summer seasons.