Mahira Khan recalls cleaning toilets and sweeping floors in early struggle

(Web Desk) : Renowned Pakistani actress Mahira Khan shared untold tales of her challenging early days in Los Angeles.

Recalling a time when financial struggles were part of her daily life, the diva revealed that she had taken up odd jobs such as cleaning toilets and sweeping floors to make ends meet.

Mahira humbly expressed that these experiences have shaped her appreciation for life and her journey in the entertainment industry.

She highlighted the importance of acknowledging personal falls and the resilience required to overcome them.

Mahira Khan opens up about co-parenting

Having married at the age of 17 and later parting ways with her ex-husband, Ali Aksari, Mahira Khan spoke on the FWhy podcast about her son Azlaan’s relationship with his father.

Despite their past differences, Mahira emphasized the positive co-parenting relationship she shares with Ali. She discussed how Azlaan has formed a strong bond with his father and his new family, including Ali’s son from his second marriage, Zahir.

Mahira shared a heartwarming moment when Azlaan expressed his love for his half-brother, saying he loves Zahir even more than his mother.

Mahira’s amicable relationship with ex-in-laws

In a 2021 interview, Mahira Khan spoke about maintaining a harmonious bond with her ex-husband’s family, despite the separation.

She emphasised the importance of putting aside differences for the well-being and true happiness of their shared child, Azlaan.

Mahira revealed that the journey to a positive relationship required effort, humility, and understanding, highlighting the significance of unity when it comes to parenting.

Mahira Khan’s wedding with Salim Karim

On October 2, 2023, Mahira Khan celebrated a joyous occasion as she tied the knot with her long-time beau, Salim Karim. The enchanting ceremony, captured in a surreal video shared by Mahira’s manager Anushay Talha Khan, showcased the actress walking down the aisle with her son Azlaan by her side.

Dressed in a breathtaking lilac-hued lehenga, Mahira radiated elegance, while Salim looked dapper in a black bandhgala suit paired with a blue turban. The couple’s union marks a new chapter in Mahira’s life, blending her personal and professional journeys with grace and resilience.