Mangal’s books on Afghanistan published

KABUL (Pajhwok): Foreign-based female Afghan journalist, Zarghona Mangal, has written two books on the past and current situation in Afghanistan during her trip to the country last year.
Zarghona Mangal, a former audio media who is currently journalist living in Sweden, says she wanted to gather information to prepare a proposal for her studies last year during her trip to Afghanistan.
In the process, her plan changed and she started writing about the unrest in Afghanistan. Mangal’s first book — The Roaring Lion of Tora Bora — was published despite technical problems.
According to her, the book was written based on stories of a number of Afghans who fled Kabul on one charter flights in August 2021.
Her second book — The Black Swan of the Taliban — is focused on life stories of drug addicts in Afghanistan. Both books published under the ttile of “Bina-i-Be Naam” (Nameless Seer).
Mangal said she published the books with unreal names to tell the stories of neutral Afghans and spotlight previous and current problems of the country to the outside world.
She promised to author two more books about Afghanistan’s beggars and natural resources. She believes the country’s mineral wealth is the reason for the continued interest and involvement of major powers in Afghanistan.