Maryam wins Chamisso Literary Prize

KABUL (Khaama Press): In 2023, Maryam Mitra, the poet known for her collections “Living on the Margins” and “I Have Seen the Wind’s Wrath,” was awarded the prestigious Albert von Schamisso Literary Prize.
Ms. Mitra has shared in her social media network that the “Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts has announced that this year’s ‘Schamisso’ literary prize was awarded to Maryam Mitra, a poet from Afghanistan.”
Maryam Mitra has so far published two poetry collections, one in Persian and the other in German, establishing herself as a well-known figure in the field of poetry and literature in Afghanistan.
According to German media reports, the Albert von Schamisso Literary Prize was awarded to Ms. Maryam Mitra.
In an interview with “Hasht-e Sobh,” Maryam expressed that awards like this for Afghan poets and writers provide an opportunity to discuss “Afghan culture and literature.” She also added, “I can use this opportunity to draw the attention of the German society to the situation of Afghan women. So, I am trying to be a voice for Afghan women.”
Maryam also mentioned on her Facebook page that this literary prize, named after Albert von Schamisso, a German poet and botanist, is awarded annually by the Friedrich-Bödecker Foundation and the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts to a writer in Germany.
Afghan women’s creative abilities and talents are recognized and celebrated on the international stage, showcasing their resilience and potential to shine in various fields. However, these talented women in Afghanistan often confront many challenges and restrictions that hinder their full participation and realization of their potential.
Their achievements abroad serve as a beacon of hope, inspiring change and progress for women within Afghanistan and highlighting the importance of addressing the obstacles that hinder their progress in their homeland.