Merit Violation in Social Welfare Department Kech

Nawaz Ellahi

Recently it was frustrating to hear that Social Welfare Department shifted 90 posts from District Kech to Panjgur District though District Kech is the headquarter of Mekran division and second biggest district of Balochistan in term of population according to recent census.

Moreover, Social Welfare Department published an advertisement in daily Intekhaab Hub dated 07-12-2019 whereby the Director General gave the tests to CTS (Candidate Testing Service) and Thousands of candidates have submitted the fees to CTS (Candidate Testing Service) account but later on the department gave another advertisement for submitting the documents in the afore-mentioned department and the department conducted the test which was not transparent and manifold candidates were not shortlisted but they were allowed to attempt the test. It is worthwhile here to mention that the appointment orders were given to the relatives and party members of the minister. In addition, no proper mechanism for test and interview were observed for recruiting the candidates i.e., in a day test and interview of thousand candidates were conducted having behind ill motive of political figure and bulldoze the merit process deliberately. Merit was completely violated and the act of department is violation of constitutional rights.

Most Importantly, each candidate has submitted Rs.300 in the CTS (Candidate Testing Service) account neither CTS (Candidate Testing Service) refunded the amount of the candidates not the CTS conducted the test which is a jest with the people of Kech.

Additionally, no women quotas and disabled quotas were reserved in the advertisement and the recruitment policy 2009, amended time to time is fully ignored and the Political figures want appointment at any cost without observing any codal formalities.

Furthermore, there is no rule of law and everybody is involved in exploiting whatever they want. The authorities are not sincere to recruiting on merit as there is no merit. Nepotism and favoritism are on the rise and these are hinderances in way of industrious and talented people.  Competent and well-educated people are being deprived of jobs which is creating sense of dejection and frustration among genuine candidates.

I request the concerned authorities to look into the matter and take some pragmatic steps to curb illegal recruitment so that competent and well-educated people should not get deprived.