Ministry: Exodus of young people ‘tragic’

KABUL (TOLOnews): Officials of the Culture and Information Ministry said that the high number of young people leaving the country is a tragedy, and the Islamic Emirate is trying to prevent it.
At a conference, Mohammad Yunus Rashid, the deputy of youth in the Ministry of Information and Culture, said that they are working on an economic plan to decrease unemployment and provide work opportunities for youth.
“We can say that the fleeing of the young generation is a tragedy and unfortunately most of our youth are immigrants and are in prisons in most countries,” said Mohammad Yunus Rashid.
According to Mohammad Yunus Rashid, an educational center for young people will be opened in Kabul so that after training young people can freely take on international projects and earn an income.
Meanwhile, some Nangarhar residents asked the government to focus on retaining youth.
“The solution is to find jobs for them based on their profession, and then they should be given as much as they need,” said Mohammad Bilal, a student.
“The fleeing of educated young people is not good for our country, because the government invested in them for years,” said Shafiullah, a Nangarhar resident.
At this conference, some accused foreign countries of providing the means for educated young people to escape from Afghanistan, who are then forced to do physical labor.