Mother sacrifices 125 gram gold for sale of her children

ISLAMABAD (APP): Mehnaz bibi, a mother of two children, on Thursday sacrificed 125 gram gold for the sake of her children in a family dispute case.

A three-member SC bench comprising Justice Mushir Alam, Justice Yahya Afridi and Justice Qazi Muhammad Amin Ahmed heard the case filed by Zainullah Shah against the Peshawar High Court order in recovery of dower amount and guardian and ward/Custody of Minor.

The court granted the appeal of father Zainullah against the Peshawar High Court decision. The Peshawar High Court had ordered Zainullah to pay 125 gram gold to mother Mehnaz Bibi as dowry. The children’s father, Zainullah, had challenged the Peshawar High Court’s decision in the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court decided the case with the consent of the parents.

Addressing the counsel for the petitioner, Justice Yahya Afridi asked his client had failed to prove the case of 125 gram gold at any court forum.

He asked would it be okay if the mother got two children for 125 gram gold.

The counsel for the mother said that the mother was ready to sacrifice 125 gram gold for her two children.