SC rejects former lieutenant Asim Bashir’s appeal against court martial

ISLAMABAD (APP): The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected the appeal filed by former lieutenant Asim Bashir against his life sentence awarded by General Field Court Martial.

A three-member SC bench comprising Justice Mushir Alam, Justice Yahya Afridi and Justice Qazi Muhammad Amin Ahmed heard the case filed by former military officer. Asim Bashir was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2011 for killing his mother’s niece.

During the course of proceedings, the Additional Attorney General said that the petitioner was sentenced to life imprisonment under Army Rules. All the evidence and facts were taken into account while sentencing, he added.

The counsel for the petitioner said that there was no need of court martial as his client was on holidays when the young girl was murdered.

He said that his client’s case should had been proceeded at the civil court. Former Lieutenant Asim Bashir was posted in Bahawalpur Cantt, he added.

Justice Mushir Alam sa-id that according to the Ar-my Act, this case belonged to the Court Martial.