Nankana Police authorities forgotten their oath while sheltering a constable

Muhammad Asad

ISLAMABAD: Nanakana Sahib Police Authorities had forgotten their oath while sheltering a Police Constable and made the life of a poor family miserable just to satisfy their ego.
A local taxi driver of Sangla Hills, District Nankana Sahib Shoukat Bandisha has become so desperate of atrocities of local Police authorities that he came to Nation’s Capital to echo the
stories of Police cruelties with him over last three years.
An Aged taxi driver Shoukat Bandisha along with his granddaughter Ayshea Bandisha informed the media men about the atrocities of a Police Constable Usman Zafar and backing of Constable Usman by the Police Department against the poor taxi driver.
According to Ayshea Bandisha, Police Constable Usman Zafar hired the taxi of her grandfather Shoukat Bandisha during 2018 and when her grandfather demanded fair after getting off the ride, Constable Usman beated her grandfather and snatched his cell phone instead of payment.
Later, Police Constable registered false FIR against his grandfather with the support of area SHO.
According to Shoukat Bandisha, despite Court’s order Police did not recover cell phone of Shoukat Bandisha from Constable Usman Zafar.
He told the journalists that the Police case deprived him of two taxis, and he became jobless and running short of money to fulfil basic needs of his family.
Shoukat Bandisha accused Senior Police Officers of sheltering the Constable Usman Zafar who had made his life unbearable while misusing his position.
The elderly taxi driver and his granddaughter appealed to the Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Chief Minister Punjab and IG Police Punjab to look into the matter and help them save from the atrocities of Police of Nankana Sahib District.