Narowal Wildlife Dept’s negligence claims life of another rare deer

NAROWAL (INP): Another rare sambar deer, who entered Pakistani territory from India, died due to alleged negligence and incompetence of Narowal Wildlife Department administration. The rare deer had crossed into Pakistan’s Chak Amru Village.
As the rare deer entered the border area, people captured it and for five hours ill-treated the animal to claim their ownership which caused the deer to suffer a heart attack and die. A doctor said that if the deer is given an injection to slow his heartbeat, his life can be saved.
This is the sixth rare deer that has died in a short span of one month after crossing into Pakistan from the Indian border area. It was learnt that these rare deer crossed the border from India into Pakistan through the border villages of Pindi, Sanesan, Jattar, Pindi Bori, and Chak Amru.
According to citizens, these rare animals die due to lack of awareness among people living in border areas about this rare breed. They were of the view that the wildlife department should put up banners and posters to create awareness among people living in the border areas in order to protect rare animals.
They bemoaned the fact that Wildlife Department employees draw hefty salaries but they do not do any work and confine themselves in their homes, adding that their alleged negligence is resulting in the death of precious animals. Citizens also appealed to the Chief Minister of Punjab to take immediate notice of the negligence and incompetence of Wild Department.