National capital and peril of encroachment

The encroachment is a social evil, which is growing unhinderedly across the country and the national capital has no exception from illegal construction and encroachment in the markets, residential areas, and busy roads. Like all other major cities, this menace has grown up in posh sectors of the capital while residents pulled over into streets and shopkeepers blocked footpaths and parking areas in the markets. In fact, no implementation of the law and corruption of the government officials had been the real reason for the ever-growing encroachment, which has gotten complete ingress in our society.

The idea of Islamabad had been conceived as a model capital city about half a century ago, that not only meets the global standards of living, beauty, and cleanliness but also presents national prestige and a great Islamic legacy to the world. The planning and construction of this magnificent project were tasked to the Capital Development Authority (CDA), a newly formed autonomous body in the country.

Unfortunately, like all other cities and government departments, the Captial and CDA, both have come symbols of depletion, corruption, and lawlessness. The ungoverned constructions, tent villages, and Kuchi Abadies in the federal capital present the scenes of Southern Punjab and FATA. Whereas, the local housing societies and private Malls compete with Paris and London because of merit, uniformity, and rule of law. Realistically, the encroachment has shaped a serious social, administrative, and Security challenge for the government, while the relevant government departments and their employees are equally responsible for making up for this upheaval. The current situation merits the implementation of harsh measures by the government, so this cancer could be treated once and for all.