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NYC a big achievement of KP govt: Syed Furqan

Wisal Yousafzai

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government for the first time hosted all youth across the country to participate in the National Youth Carnival Event held in Peshawar.

The provincial government for the first time established a Youth Affair department and organized an event to provide the opportunity to youth to highlight their skills and provide them the opportunity.

In the National Youth Carnival event around 15000 students from different institution were participated in which around ten thousand students were from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 2500 students were qualify for divisional level.

Similarly in the event around 600 students were qualify for the final as around 110 total students were qualify for the final event as around .05 million cash prizes were distributed among those youth.

The National Youth Carnival was continue in Peshawar Qayum Stadium Complex for four days in which from KP and across the country students of different institution were participate and show their talent to the participants

The event was inaugurated by Pakistan Tehreek Insaf Chairman Imran along with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Perveez Khattak and Minister for Sports KP.

Laison Corporation Marketing Manager and Project Manager for National Youth Carnival Syed Furqan said that not only it was success for them to organized and invite students and youth across Pakistan but it was also honor of the KP government and directorate of youth affair to host such a mega event with peaceful end.

He further said that in the event around 15000 students of different education institution were participated including male and female students , adding that around 30 different categories of competition were organized in the event that the youth get more opportunities in the event.

He further informed that earlier from different cities like Lahore , Karachi and Islamabad youth were reluctant to visit KP because of the terrorism and militancy but after organizing a peaceful National Youth Carnival event in Peshawar the students not only enjoy the event but they also appreciate the efforts of the provincial government for maintaining peace in the province.

He further added that KP prove that they can organized national event in the province as the first step was National Youth Carnival event which was not appreciated by the students but all the participants who were came across the country to enjoy the event.

Furqan added that in the near future such like events will be organized to create and provide more opportunities to youth, adding and appreciating the provincial government’s steps for the welfare of youth as well as directorate of youth for making the event possible as well as National Accountability Bureau and other institution for supporting.


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