Pakistan Red Crescent unveils new humanitarian strategy for Tribal Districts

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Red Crescent is proud to announce its innovative strategy aimed at delivering vital humanitarian services to the tribal districts. Under this new approach, assistance will be provided exclusively based on the assessed needs within all tribal districts.

A pivotal joint meeting took place between Chairman of the Pakistan Red Crescent, Sardar Shahid Ahmed Laghari, and Chairman of the Pakistan Red Crescent Merged Districts, Imran Khan Wazir. During this meeting, both leaders engaged in comprehensive discussions about the ongoing initiatives carried out under the auspices of the Red Crescent branch within the merged tribal areas. One notable development highlighted by Imran Wazir was the successful administration of vaccinations at 10 primary centers in the Wazir sub-division, along with rotation immunization in union councils.

Sardar Shahid Ahmad Laghari affirmed that the Red Crescent’s commitment to providing relief and rehabilitation services would be amplified within the tribal districts and across the nation. He emphasized the organization’s dedication to responding to critical situations based on assessed needs. This approach is set to ensure the most effective allocation of resources to aid affected communities.

Furthermore, the meeting concluded with a mutual decision to strengthen the Red Crescent’s presence in the tribal districts. An integrated strategy will be formulated and implemented to ensure the organization’s humanitarian mission is carried out with even greater efficiency and impact. To commemorate this alliance,

commemorative shields were exchanged as a symbol of solidarity and collaboration between the two leaders.

In a gesture of mutual respect and support, Minister Imran Khan extended an invitation to Central Chairman Sardar Shahid Ahmad Laghari to visit the Merged Areas Headquarters and witness firsthand the progress of the Red Crescent’s initiatives.

The Pakistan Red Crescent remains unwavering in its commitment to alleviating suffering and ensuring the welfare of the nation’s most vulnerable communities. This new strategy signifies a landmark step towards more targeted, effective, and timely humanitarian assistance in the tribal districts and beyond.