Pakistan releases 17 Iranian fishermen

KARACHI (IRNA): Some 17 Iranian fishermen detained by Pakistani forces were released from prison in Karachi and returned to their homeland, Iranian diplomatic representation said on Sunday.

The Iranian Consulate General in Karachi has said that following the diplomatic efforts of the mission, some 17 Iranian sailors and fishermen were released and left for Tehran from Karachi airport on an Iranian flight.

The fishermen were arrested by Pakistani Maritime Security Forces for illegal entry into Pakistani territorial waters.

Overall 101 Iranian fishermen have been released by the Pakistan and returned to their families.

Earlier, Iranian Consul General in Karachi Ahmad Mohammadi had said in his meetings with Pakistani officials, he requested the local authorities to be more lenient with the negligence of Iranian fishermen and instead of arresting them guide them to return back to Iranian territorial waters.

Ahmad Mohammadi called on the owners of the boats and the dear Iranian fishermen to be more careful and avoid approaching Pakistani territorial waters because the administrative process in Pakistan is complicate and the work of releasing imprisoned Iranian prisoners takes time.

Some 26 more Iranian sailors are reportedly being held in Pakistani prisons on charges of illegal entry into the country’s territorial waters, and efforts are underway to secure their release.