Pakistan Stock Exchange gains 35 points

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The 100-index of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) witnessed a slightly bullish trend on Monday, gaining 35.61points, a modest positive change of 0.09 percent, closing at 38,443.59 against 38,407.98 points the previous day.

A total of 81,287,333 shares were traded during the day as compared to 93,450,275 shares the previous day, whereas the price of shares stood at Rs 2.809 billion against Rs 3.508 billion on the last trading day.

As many as 315 companies transacted their shares in the stock market; 130 of them recorded gains and 159 sustained losses, whereas the share price of 26 companies remained unchanged.

The three top-trading companies were Al Shaheer (R) with 9,929,531 shares at Rs 0.07 per share, TRG Pak Ltd with 7,837,355 shares at Rs 100.67 per share, and WorldCall Telecom with 5,939,515 shares at Rs 1.10 per share.

Bhanero Textile witnessed a maximum increase of Rs 22.99 per share price, closing at Rs 1,199.99, whereas the runner-up was Thal Ind. Corp XD with a Rs 21.00 rise in its per share price to Rs 312.00.

Bata (Pak) witnessed a maximum decrease of Rs 128.99 per share closing at Rs 1,596.01, followed by Nestle Pakistan with Rs. 119.99 declines to close at Rs5,190.01. (APP)