PDMA issues alert after India releases 73,418 cusecs into Sutlej

F.P. Report

LAHORE: India has released 73,418 cusecs of water from Ferozepur also into the Sutlej River after which the Provincial Disaster Management Authority has issued an alert.

The water will enter Pakistan from Ganda Singhwala in Kasur in a few hours.

Punjab Flood Relief Commissioner Nabil Javed has directed all the departments concerned to keep the Provincial Disaster Management Authority informed about the latest situation.

The relief commissioner also ordered the deputy commissioners of Kasur, Okara, Pakpattan, Bahawalnagar and Vehari to complete advance arrangements as soon as possible.

He directed that the staff in the emergency control room should be kept on alert all the time, as should the disaster response teams of Rescue 1122.

He ordered that the availability of machinery and other equipment should be ensured, while stocks of petrol and diesel should be available in sufficient quantity for the rescue operation.

Javed said the evacuation of citizens from low-lying areas should be ensured, as well as provision of food, clean drinking water and other facilities in the flood relief camp.

He also said that the availability of medicines in medical camps should be ensured in maximum quantity, and appropriate place, food and medicines arranged for animals.

The relief commissioner said actions should be taken to secure food warehouses in low-lying areas.

Ravi to get 10,000-15,000 cusecs soon

The water level in River Ravi at Shahdara is normal, according to the flood forecasting report, and 28,000 cusecs of water are flowing in the river.

In the next few hours, the report said, the water level is likely to increase by 10,000 to 15,000 cusecs, as a current is expected to arrive at Shahdara within 10 hours.

The chief meteorologist at the Flood Forecasting Division warned that 35,000 to 40,000 cubic meters of water will flow though the Ravi.

‘No risk’ of flooding

Muhammad Aslam said rescue and civil defense staff are always ready, adding that there is no risk of flooding in the Ravi. The Punjab caretaker chief minister also claimed the same.

However, the flow of water in the river in Lahore is faster than the previous day and its level has also risen.

Last night, a water current had reached the river at the Punjab capital due to which the water level rose.

Evacuation of populations at the bank of Ravi to safe places is underway.

Flow in Chenab

Moreover, a water current in Chenab River at Chiniot has caused erosion near the Sanbhal area and the water has entered settlement areas.

The flood control room has reported that the level of floodwater in Chenab has exceeded 165,000 cusecs.

Due to the erosion caused by a current, the floodwater has entered villages and destroyed standing crops on hundreds of acres.

Populations in Burj Umar, Mauza Sanbhal, Thatta Nehra, Chinni, Adlana, Muhammadi Sharif and Nowshera have been affected.

Rescue 1122, and the finance, health, livestock and related departments have set up flood relief camps, while a state of emergency has been imposed across the district to prevent any possible flooding.

Separately, the Bilawal canal near Pirosan in Khairpur has developed cracks, which has inundated hundreds of acres of standing cotton crops.

The damage to crops is feared to cause a loss of millions of rupees to farmers. Officials of the irrigation department did not arrive at the spot despite being notified on time.

Picnic point shut

On the other hand, in view of the fear of flooding, the picnic point on the banks of river Chenab in Gujranwala has been closed and the boat service suspended.

Flood relief camps have been established in 70 villages that have been declared sensitive.

Indus level rises in Jamhoro

Meanwhile, in Sindh, the water level in the Indus River has started to rise at Jamshoro.

A rise in the water level has been recorded at Kotri Barrage.

The water level in Kotri Barrage has been recorded as 73,500 cusecs upstream and 33,170 cusecs downstream, as per the control room.

The Kotri executive engineer has said that the water level in the Indus River has been continuously increasing in the recent days, while it is likely to increase further in the next few days.

Once more, the water level in Guddu Barrage at Sindh river has recorded a rise.

The inflow of water at Guddu Barrage has been recorded at 188,630 cusecs, while the outflow is 148,803 cusecs.

The control room reported an increase of 130 cusecs of water during 12 hours.

Due to the increase in water level in the rivers, Guddu Barrage is likely to see a further rise in the next 24 hours, the control room said.