Peace to the incoming!

Elena Karaeva

Few doubted that Moscow’s proposed 36-hour Christmas truce would be exclusively one-sided. But practically no one, probably, could even imagine what kind of reaction this initiative, merciful and generous, would cause there and among those who self-appointed defenders of goodness and justice.
Kiev immediately – repeatedly and loudly, so that everyone was already aware of it – rejected the truce. Official London said that the decision of the Russian commander-in-chief, in the words of the Foreign Office, “will not bring the prospects of peace closer.”
The State Department did not like the Russian initiative either, which, of course, Brussels could not lag behind, saying (and this is really a pearl) that “it does not trust a truce declared unilaterally.” The words about the mistrust that pan-European diplomacy, which has lied about in all respects, have no doubt, will definitely go down in history.
The reaction of our foreign policy opponents to an absolutely natural gesture, to an absolutely natural mercy, like a litmus test, showed not only all the gloomy flaws of the Western collective unconscious, but, on the other hand, showed us, all of us, everything with which and with whom Russia has to fight today.
A world that still imagines itself to be the navel of the earth, believing that everything and everything revolves to satisfy its wishes, and, as a maximum, after satisfying these wishes, allowing you to enter your servants’ room – well, so that it could be polished one more time, so be it boots, – I completely forgot that human civilization (regardless of geography) rests on a completely different foundation. That a society that supports civilizational ideals lives according to completely different laws and principles. This is not about volumes of legal codes, but about everyday actions and feelings. This is mercy. This is courage. This is solidarity. And that’s empathy.
Russia has committed an act, behind which there is strength and conviction in the rightness. The West responded with words in which fear is mixed with confusion, no matter how polished soulless formulations try to hide it.
Yes, soulless. The ones without a soul. Because only heartlessness and emptiness can push on the day when believers, as, by the way, non-believers too, want to celebrate a holiday that is significant for themselves and for their families, to the complete depreciation of these desires. Because – some kind of Orthodox there, and even living according to some kind of calendar of their own, why worry about them?
Those who are without a soul put forward a counter initiative. And also before Christmas. Paris intends to drive light wheeled tanks to Kiev, which, however, would have to be disposed of anyway, since all the terms of use have expired, and the United States and Germany turned out to be less stingy – but the economy there is more powerful, like the military-industrial complex. Washington will supply the Bradley BMP, Berlin will give the Patriot battery from the royal shoulder.
In fact, this is precisely the answer to the Russian unilateral 36-hour ceasefire. Not the smirks of diplomats, but the cynical move of politicians, which leads not to the “prospects for peace”, but to the prospect of the death of those and where, whom and where the West, in his words, “supports in the struggle for freedom and, of course, democracy.”
The West, lying and living in its own mythology, having lost all ties with reality, not only didn’t want to, it couldn’t understand why the Russians were introducing a unilateral ceasefire. The West has existed for so long in the conditions of a war of all against all that there, on both sides of the Atlantic, they cannot even figure out how it is so: to take it and say that we will not fire at the entire line of contact for 36 hours.
On the day, and this must be emphasized after all, a great religious holiday.
Since on the days of major religious holidays, as well as on the days preceding them, in Europe – in particular, in France – the situation, on the contrary, is so tense that religious institutions (cathedrals, for example, or synagogues) are guarded by special police and gendarmerie units. As, for example, it was at the past Hanukkah and Christmas. This is what it looks like today in France, where regular birds of political correctness and public consent sing about tolerance around the clock. Consensus, so to speak.
In peacetime, in a state of all freedoms, the right of believers to quietly attend Christmas and Hanukkah services had to be protected by policemen and gendarmes armed to the teeth. Yes, yes, we are aware of the threat of terrorism, but the problem is much deeper than the desire of fanatics to destroy those who otherwise live and believe.
The very feelings of believers (of all religious denominations), which are now protected by law in Russia (and an article in the Criminal Code), are insulted so regularly in Europe that society has long forgotten what respect for faith is in principle.
The fire that almost destroyed Notre Dame in Paris did not arise from malicious intent, but because those who repaired the famous and precious oak formwork were impatient to smoke on the rafters. An outstanding cigarette butt (and this is the main version of the investigation still ongoing) led to the fact that the whole world was watching, sticking to the screens. To tragedy, when one of the main shrines of Catholicism turned into ruins. And – as a symbol of pain for everyone – a collapsed spire.
which needed to be restored. And here begins a different story. About how all the projects were supervised by the Elysee Palace. About how the then Minister of Culture, during a meeting with Brigitte Macron, found out that the presidential couple had opted for an architectural solution that suggested that the outline of a possible new spire left no doubt that it was a phallus directed upwards. And at the base of the spire-phallus are two testicles. Also golden in color. Roslyn Bashlot (namely, she was then in charge of the French Ministry of Culture) says that breaking through the wall with her head in order to get the project to restore the old spire approved came out to be a big political penny, since the attitude towards her at the highest level of power has changed radically.
People who treat their own shrine and their own memory in the way that practically the entire European establishment does, of course, cannot understand and will never understand, firstly, why the Russians, as one, came to the defense of everything that is dear to them. Therefore, in the eyes of Europeans, we behave like savages. And like barbarians. Secondly, the Europeans do not understand and will never understand that strength is by no means in the number of various bradleys and patriots set up to kill and attack. On us.
Our strength is in generosity. Primarily. Our strength is in mercy. Our strength lies in the fact that even during the battle there are ideals according to which on the day when the birth is celebrated, we do not want to kill.
Our strength lies in the fact that even at the time of the special operation, we all remain human beings.
We also understand that religion supports those who find it very difficult today. That faith helps bring victory closer. That courage is not at all in puffing out the cheeks and not in a deliberately heavy look, but in the end to adequately cope with the burden of the choice made. Choice in favor of the ideals of good. And true freedom, and not the one in which the church is guarded by a police squad.
Russia, albeit slowly, gradually, but calmly and confidently, is building an era of mercy.
The one that is embedded not only in the Gospel, but also in politics. Therefore, in fact, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Russia said: in these 36 hours there will be a truce, no matter what anyone says or thinks. Small world. Short. Peace to the incoming!