Khost Radio Station Offers Educational Programs

KABUL (Tolo News): A local Khost radio station has been airing basic educational programs for learning Pashto and English for the last year, and it has amassed a large following in the province.

According to members of the local Hawa radio station, women and girls who live in areas without access to schools or who are deprived of an education for cultural reasons are particularly interested in their programs.

This radio station’s educational program is hosted by two teachers who have also created a textbook for the course.

“In many remote areas, most of our people do not have access to education, or there are no schools in their areas. To solve this problem, we have started this radio program,” said Mobin Mirza, deputy of the radio.

“We assess these students every three months when the book finishes, and we also collect their homework,” said Arian, a teacher.

Sisters Sana and Tamana Samoon said that they have been following this radio station’s educational programs for a year and have learned a lot.

“There are no schools in our region, so I’m really happy for Hawa Radio. They brought their radio teacher’s books for us to study from, and my other sisters also learned a lot of information from them,” said Sana, a program follower.

“I ask international organizations to help the media so that the residents of the mountainous areas can learn from those books,” said Tamana, another follower of the program.

Radio Hawa representatives said that they would put into action a plan to educate girls through radio if girls’ schools above sixth are not reopened soon.