PTI activists held rally in solidarity with PM

F.P Report

PESHAWAR: A rally was held under the leadership of Azmat Khattak to express solidarity with the Prime Minister. Hundreds of workers rallied.

Speaking on the occasion, PTI leader and Tehsil Mayor Karak Azmat Khattak said that whether Imran Khan was the Prime Minister or not, he would rule the hearts of the people. The opposition is once again engaged in enslaving the nation to the US and its allies. He was with Imran and will stay with him till his death.

PTI leader said that the Prime Minister would neither resign nor run away but would turn the tide of the game by playing till the last ball. He said that Imran was being punished for absolutism. Which hurt the imperialism and they joined the opposition to remove the Prime Minister. He said that the opposition was not a benefactor of the country but had become a toy in their hands to appease the conspirators and foreign masters.

The activist said that the no-confidence motion of the Prime Minister had exposed the traitors in the opposition and within the party and after the failure of the no-confidence motion, these traitors would have no place to hide in their constituencies. He further said that the people have awakened politically and if re-elected Imran Khan would win by a huge majority due to his popularity.