Punjab police to challenge Dr Yasmin Rashid’s release order

LAHORE (NNI): Resenting an anti-terrorism court’s release order of PTI leader Dr Yasmin Rashid, the Punjab police on Sunday vowed to challenge the ATC decision absolving the former Punjab health minister of her role in the arson attack on the Jinnah House on May 9.

The Punjab police in its tweet wrote: “Dr Yasmin Rashid or any other person involved in May 9 incidents will be brought to justice. The investigation of the Jinnah House attack is being conducted on the scientific grounds.
The Punjab police is going to challenge the verdict of the court issued on Dr Yasmin’s remand request. The verdict by the ATC was issued without giving opportunity to the police to provide evidence on the basis of forensic analysis. It’s the prerogative of police to investigate cases. It is not fair to create a definite opinion about the people involved in a case without completion of the investigation.”

In the second thread of the Tweet, the Punjab police uploaded some videos and a purported audio tape in which PTI ticket holder Ibad Farooq is instigating his supporters (who is allegedly accompanying Dr Rashid and Mehmood-ur-Rashid) to reach the Corps Commander House and put it on fire allegedly under the ‘clear instructions’ of Dr Yasmin Rashid.