Qatar, tiny nation, global impact

The Spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry of Qatar told the media that the complete isolation of the Afghan interim government has not worked so far, and the only way forward is engagement with the cleric regime. According to the Qatari diplomat, the current situation in Afghanistan is favorable to the international community, but complete isolation neither worked in the past nor is likely to work in the future and the only way forward is engagement. The Qatari official claimed that his country is mediating between Afghanistan and the rest of the world.

The State of Qatar is a tiny nation on the northeastern shores of the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East, that has emerged as a global diplomacy broker and mediator in the modern age. The oil-rich Arab nation not only diversifies its oil-oriented economy into a future tech hub and industrialization. Qatar has a long-held quest for global influence that has become a reality over the past decades. The Qatari government has earned such unique titles/success which no other nation in the region achieved so far despite the abundance of resources, military might and colossal size. Ranging from vibrant media to hosting FIFA football World Cup, opening of the Taliban political office in Doha when the group was a most wanted terror outfit to the western world, from brokering the historic Doha peace deal between the Trump administration and the Taliban, to managing negotiations between Biden Administration in Taliban ruled Kabul, all endeavours were unique and glaring.

Present day Qatar has worked as a fulcrum in forging friendship between the determined Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and hardcore Raisi regime in Tehran, while Doha played the role of a bridge between Washinton and Tehran in materializing historic prisoner swap and unfreezing of hard earned money of Iranian people from Seoul banks. Interestingly, today’s Qatar is eyeing working to calm an ever growing tussle between China and Taiwan and ready to perform a bridging role between Russia and Ukraine to end years long war in Eastern Europe that ruined the entire world. Realistically, Qatar leadership has proved that plenty of resources, military weakness and tiny size is not an issue in playing a great role in the comity of nations. It is the courage and sagacity of leadership which builds a nation from scratch and turns a nuclear armed state into a sick man.