Report on cipher put a stamp on Khan’s truthfulness: Raoof

ISLAMABAD (INP): PTI Central Information Secretary Raoof Hasan congratulated the entire nation on the completion of the tenure of the callous, criminal and fascist government imposed on the nation through foreign conspiracy, hoping that elections would be held on the constitutionally mandated timeframe to bring PTI Chairman Imran back to power again.
In a video message, PTI CIS said that an American company, The Intercept, has made the cipher public, which solidified the former prime minister’s claims and put a stamp on his truthfulness. Raoof Hasan stated that although the ministers of the PDM government were constantly changing their stance regarding the existence and veracity of the cipher and even they blamed Imran Khan for its release.
However, he stated that despite all their tricks, the truth has come out today that verily the cipher was a reality, which was the story of the conversation that took place between Pakistani Ambassador Asad Majeed and the American officer Donald Lu in Washington DC. Raoof Hasan stated that in this conversation, Donald Lu expressed reservations about the then prime minister Imran Khan’s visit to Russia.
Moreover, he said that in this conversation, it was said that if Imran Khan was ousted through a no-confidence vote, the situation in Pakistan would be improved; adding that the international news report put a stamp on truthfulness of Imran Khan, who stood triumphant today.