Residents of Kabul Municipality seek shelter

KABUL (TOLOnews): Residents in Kabul’s PD5 criticized the municipality’s decision to destroy their houses.
These residents said that they are faced with poverty and are in a bad situation amid the cold weather because they cannot find shelter to live.
“People are faced with poverty and they just have that small house, and they are not able to build another home for themselves, the government should pay attention to them,” said a Kabul resident.
“People have lots of challenges, they are poor, especially in this area poverty is high,” said Ahmad Fawad, a Kabul resident.
The residents asked the Islamic Emirate to distribute land for them in a suitable place. “We have not been promised anything, nor have we been told that they will offer money to us…,” said Ghafar, a Kabul resident.
“By order of the municipality we destroyed 130 houses, we compensated for their loss, we compensated them with money,” said Kohdaman Safi, district attorney.
The Municipality of Kabul said that the process of demolishing illegal houses will continue and land will be taken from squatters.
“If the land is the government’s… if there is a need to pay for the damage to the building on the land this will be done, but if the land is private, the building will be compensated for and the land will be compensated for according to the land price law,” said Nematullah Barakzai, a representative of Kabul Municipality.
Earlier, the municipality of Kabul demolished illegal houses in PD17 of Kabul and officials of this department pledged they will stop illegal construction.