Review of curriculum for literature faculties started

KABUL (TOLOnews): The ministry of higher education has kicked off the review of the curriculum for literature faculties in private and public universities.
In a meeting at Kabul University on Tuesday, Acting Minister of Higher Education Neda Mohammad Nadim said they want religious and modern subjects and that both are needed.
“The curriculum revision and attention to progress are necessary for our society and is the way to forward,” said Neda Mohammad Nadim.
Lotfullah Khairkhwah, Deputy Minister of Higher Education, said the curriculum will be prepared based on religious and national values with international educational standards.
“We ask our university lecturers to make a curriculum that can protect our nation and religious values,” said Khairkhwah said.
Officials said the curriculum will be revised in all faculties of universities.
A number of university lecturers said that quality, balance, and harmony with international norms should be considered in the development of academic curricula.
“Taking into account the actual needs of the labor market and coordinating with global methods is one of the necessary criteria for the curricula,” said Sayed Jawad Sajjadi, a university lecturer.
“We hope the process is implemented on the basis of scientific and academic criteria,” said Fazl Hadi Wazin, a university lecturer.
This comes as the ministry of higher education has banned women from attending universities until “the next announcement.” The decision has triggered global reactions.