Russian motor rifle troops, aircraft to participate in China drills

MOSCOW (TASS): Motorized infantry of Russia’s Eastern Military District, army and tactical aviation aircraft will participate in the West/Interaction 2021 drills that will run in China in the second half of the year, the District’s press office reported on Tuesday.

“Negotiations kicked off in Khabarovsk on the participation of the Eastern Military District’s units in the West/Interaction 2021 strategic exercise,” the press office said in a statement.

“Preliminarily, the personnel of a motor rifle formation with a strength of up to a battalion, tactical aviation units and a combined army aviation group will participate in the maneuvers,” the statement says.

The joint strategic exercise is set to take place at a practice range in the Ningxia-Hui autonomous region in northern China in the second half of the year. Representatives of both countries will agree until the end of this week upon the procedure for the arrival of the Russian military contingent in China, the structure of forces and capabilities, the plan of the drills and logistics support measures, the press office specified.