Separate passage allocated for women at Chaman border crossing

F.P. Report

CHAMAN: Separate passage has been allocated at the Pakistan-Afghan border crossing in Chaman, on Monday.

The 12-feet long passage has been allocated for women from the NADRA to the Friendship Gate (Baab-e-Dosti). The people of the area, tribal leaders and the political parties were demanding separate passage for the women at the Pak-Afghan border since long.

Lauding the decision of the federal government, the tribal leaders thanked the government for accepting their long-awaited demand and added that separate passage for women as per the tradition of the tribal area is a good omen.

The Chaman border crossing is one of the major international border crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Pak-Afghan border is one of the coolest border in South Asia among all other borders at least 70 thousand peoples cross this border on the daily basis having businesses in wesh and returns back home in the evening.

A brick, double-arched Friendship Gate, rising three stories tall, was erected in 2003.