Shehbaz govt celebrating loans, world feels ashamed: Sheikh Rashid

RAWALPINDI (Monitoring Desk): Awami Muslim League (AML) chief and former federal minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Sunday said the incumbent government had crossed all limits of “shame” as receiving of loans was being celebrated.

“The governments in the world usually feel ashamed while seeking loans, but the sitting Pakistani government is considering receiving loans as its achievement,” he said while taking to his Twitter handle.

Lambasting the government, Ahmed said electricity, gas, flour and sugar had become more expensive in the 15 months of the [Shehbaz] government and any efforts to bring the country’s economy on track would be “futile”.

Taking jibe at [Shehbaz Sharif], the seasoned politician said he took oath as the Prime Minister on the day of his indictment, got cleared himself from money laundering cases and now “committed” a Rs70 billion money laundering in solar energy.

Ahmed said the rulers, who were only concerned about their own children, would face their [disastrous] end, adding they [rulers] were unable to realise up to what extent the poor had gone in poverty.

The AML chief said the world won’t accept any “rigged” and “compromised” elections, fearing the country’s political reputation would be at stake like economic reputation currently at stake.

He was of the view that the respect was not earned while sitting in the government rather it’s earned while winning the hearts of the masses.