Speed breakers from roads removed

F.P. Report

CHARSADDA: The district administration has removed speed breakers from all main roads of tehsil Shabqadar here and decided to send those who tried to re- erect the same to jail. “We have removed speed breakers from all main roads of tehsil of Shabqadar and operation against speed breakers on remaining link road at Rashaki area has entered into last stage,” Assistant Commissioner, Tehsil Shabqadar, Akram Shah told media.

The speed breakers were a social problem and cooperation of people was imperative for addressing this issue for ensuring smooth flow of traffic, he maintained.  While appreciating cooperation of C&W in removal of speed breakers, he said no objection certificate (NOC) from C&W and district administration was necessary before its construction at very key public places if needed so.

The AC said a meeting was held with shopkeepers, traders and bread makers unions to ensure selling of commodities as per Government’s prescribed rate and install price lists at prominent places at the shops.  Akram Shah said those shopkeepers and butchers found guilty of selling substandard goods and charging customers heavily would be sent to jail besides imposing heavy fine against them.

“Today, I have visited Pir Qila, Matta Mughal Khel, Katozai and others areas of tehsil Shabqadar and inspected price lists in different markets, level of sanitation and health facilities at hospitals and basic health units there,” he said.

The AC said zero tolerance has been adopted against corruption and negligence from duties and strict action would be taken against officials involved in corrupt practices or negligence from duties.

The Assistant Commissioner said operation against encroachment continued and shopkeepers were asked time in again to remove all illegal built shades and goods from footpaths, otherwise, would be sent to jail. The owners of private driving schools were warned to register their business with the Government’s concerned departments besides providing services to people at reasonable price, otherwise strict action would be taken against them.

The AC said quack doctors were a social problem and noose around them was being tightened and no one would be allowed to play with lives of innocent people. He said operation against quack doctors was on cards and all such doctors would be sent to jail.