Students complain of lack of buildings, teachers

KABUL (TOLOnews): Students complain of a lack of buildings and of teachers in the Khaki Jabbar District of Kabul. They said that the cold weather has made it difficult for them to continue their education and that they lack a proper space to study.
“We ask them to build structures for us, because even when it rains we sit here,” said Hasib, a student.
“The shop was cold, we came out and here the ground is wet, we ask them to build buildings for us, it’s cold here, we can’t study, we all get sick here,” said Mohammad, another student.
Teachers said that before students were learning in rented shops and now they are studying outdoors due to the cold weather. Teachers said that up until now, the Ministry of Education has not paid a lot of attention to addressing the students’ basic needs, especially the buildings in this area.
“It is tough to depend on institutions; if this contract is terminated in the future, this school will be left with no fate,” said Faisal, a teacher. “We have 14 classes here with 538 students, of which 302 are female and 226 are male,” said Wahdat, another student. Despite repeated attempts, TOLOnews was unable to obtain the Ministry of Education staff officials’ comments.