Students seek reopening of schools

KABUL (TOLOnews): A number of girls from primary schools asked the Islamic Emirate to reopen secondary schools for girls in Afghanistan.
The students who passed the last exams of grade six said they are concerned about continuing their education.
Two siblings, Musawir and Aisha, said they have goals for their future, but Aisha cannot chase those dreams because she will not be able to continue secondary schooling due to the closure of schools for girls.
Aisha asked the government to reopen secondary schools for girls.
“I am at grade six and want to continue to grade seven but they don’t allow us and we ask them to reopen our schools,” she said.
“My sister and I are in grade six and I can go to seventh grade but my sister cannot continue her education. I want to provide education facilities to my sister,” said Musawir.
Parents of students said there is a need to reopen secondary schools for girls across the country.
“We ask the government to reopen schools for girls because girls are depressed at home,” said Mina Gul, mother of a student.
In another part of the city, dozens of girls participated in an event to explore their talents.
“I study in an education center and I want other girls to study in the education center,” said Mursal, a student.
“We don’t want students to be disappointed and want to open schools for them,” said Sadaf, a student.
Analysts said the closure of secondary schools for girls will have a negative impact on the world’s interaction with the Islamic Emirate.
“The closure of schools will create distance between the people and the government. The people will lose their trust in the government and there will be a big distance between the government and the international community if the situation continues,” said Hekmatullah Mirzaee, a lecturer.
Earlier, the Islamic emirate emphasized that the government is not against girls’ education and that secondary schools will be opened with the provision of suitable conditions within the framework of Islamic law.