Taliban warn US against meddling in Afghanistan

KABUL (Pajhwok): As fierce fighting rages across the country, the Taliban have warned the Biden administration against further interference in Afghanistan. Naeem Wardak, spokesman for Taliban’s political office in Doha, said in an interview: “We are warning against the US interference in Afghanistan.”
An intra-Afghan ceasefire had not been reached so far, he told Al- TV, after the militants captured strategic parts of Sar-i-Pul and Kundu capitals. The Afghan government was fuelling tensions in the country by launching operations in several provinces, the Taliban spokesman alleged.
Wardak claimed: “The Afghani government is the one who chose to start the war in different provinces. The measures that the Taliban took were in response to government attacks and actions.” Also, the US Embassy in Kabul slammed the Taliban’s attacks on major cities. The Taliban’s actions to forcibly impose their rule were unacceptable and contradicted its claim to support a negotiated settlement, it said.