Taliban’s response to global calls

Afghan Acting Foreign Minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi has declared that the Islamic Emirate will not take any steps on girls’ education that could cause division within the ranks of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. According to the Afghan Chief diplomat, the issue of girls’ education is an internal issue of Afghanistan, however any solution which causes rifts within the ruling faction would not be acceptable. While responding to another question about inclusiveness of the Afghan interim government, the Taliban leader was of the view that the Islamic Emirate is an inclusive government which represents all ethnic groups and all geographical regions in the country.

The current geopolitical landscape and internal state of affairs of Taliban-ruled Afghanistan presents a gloomy picture and prompted serious reservations in the global community. Numerous transnational terrorist groups amassed in the country and the government lacks capacity either to defeat determined IS-K or push other terrorist groups including the TTP out of their country. Meanwhile, the interim authorities imposed a ban on women’s employment, girls’ education, along with putting travel restrictions on women that attracted global criticism and led to halt of the operation of several NGOs, because of non availability of female employees particularly female doctors and nurses in that nation.

The Afghan Foreign Minister has confirmed that girls’ education and women’s employment rules are an internal issue of Afghanistan. There are no two opinions about it, however the current day world is a global village and due to access to information the people living in one corner of the world are aware about the problems of the people living on other sides. They share each other’s grieves and pleasures, and express remorse if humanity suffers anywhere in the world. The world community is of the view that if Taliban rulers seek global assistance in tackling poverty, battling pandemic and reducing effects of ever widening famine, which are purely domestic issues of the country. Then they should also honour the global aspirations regarding rights of women and girls as they exercise in several other Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, Iran, and neighbouring Pakistan. The world has virtuous aspirations and good hopes for a bright future for the people of Afghanistan, that is only possible through teamwork and cooperation.