Two women committed suicide in Chitral

F.P. Report

CHITRAL: Two women committed suicide in both districts of Lower and Upper Chitral when the first incident took place in Belphuk area of Lower Chitral, where 19 years old Nausheen Rehmat of Belphok committed suicide by hanging herself with a ceiling fan in her own house.

She had given test to get admission in BS Nursing in Aga Khan University Karachi, in which she failed and she committed suicide after not getting admission in BSc Nursing. Most of the female students in Chitral continue to commit suicide due to getting low marks in the exams or not getting admission in the next class, but no specific steps have been taken to investigate and prevent this at the government level until now.

The second incident took place in the Zanglasht area of Torkho Tehsil of Upper Chitral district. Twenty-five-year-old Halima Bibi, who was a married woman, was found dead in her own house in such a condition that she committed suicide by hanging herself with ceiling after putting a rope around her neck. Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) Torkho Bahadar Khan told the media that the woman who committed suicide was a mother of two children. SDPO Bahadur Khan said that at present the reasons behind her suicide could not ascertained as to why this woman committed suicide.

According to the Police, the woman’s husband, Fida Ali Shah, was not present at home when the woman committed suicide. It is worth to mention here that the suicide rate in Chitral is higher than other districts and this ratio is higher among young women and girls, which needs to be investigated to know why the rate of suicide is higher among these young women.