Unregistered vehicles: Traffic Directorate issuing license plates

KABUL (TOLOnews): The General Directorate of Traffic said during a news conference said that the procedure of issuing license plates for cars lacking documentation has started, and these cars are expected to receive three-year licenses.
This directorate warned that if the owners of undocumented cars do not obtain a license within three months, their cars will be confiscated. “The provincial traffic departments and the general directorate of traffic are giving legal licenses and three-year temporary license plate numbers for these sorts of cars,” said Hasibullah Mukhtar, General Director of Traffic.
According to the Ministry of Interior, the government has begun to distribute documentation for unregistered cars in an effort to solve issues and provide facilities for citizens.
Speaking at the press conference, Mohammad Nabi Omari, the deputy interior ministry, asked all the citizens and forces of the Islamic Emirate to follow the traffic rules.
“The Islamic Emirate’s high-ranking and low-ranking officials as well as the people must observe the traffic laws in order to prevent traffic issues,” Omari noted.
Based on the figures of the General Directorate of Traffic, more than 1,000 traffic accidents occurred nationwide since the start of 1401 (solar year) to the end of Dalwa, resulting in the deaths of 800 people.
“Around 1,150 traffic incidents have happened across the nation owing to the negligence of drivers, in which 800 people lost their lives and 11,620 others were injured,” said Abdul Wadud Khairkhah, head of planning for the traffic directorate.
The General Directorate of Traffic said that the distribution of number plates for unregistered cars is intended to remove the problems of the citizens.
Agency added: The Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior has started the process of registering right-hand vehicles across the country.
Officials said the process will continue for the next three months and vehicle owners will receive temporary registration plates after completing the necessary procedures.
“Right hand cars are not included in the traffic law of Afghanistan. Documents will be distributed to those who want to register these cars. With this, people’s problems will be solved and the order on roads will improve,” Deputy Interior Minister Mohammad Nabi Omari said in a press conference.
According to the officials, between 5,300 afghanis and 8,900 afghanis will be charged per vehicle for issuing documents to right hand vehicles.
Officials also announced that standardization of taxi services is ongoing and that new taxi services will be launched early next solar year – which will commence in less than two weeks.
A total of 1,150 traffic accidents occurred due to the non-observance of traffic rules so far this year, officials said.