Wassan predicts of not seeing Imran Khan in next elections

F.P. Report

KARACHI: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader and Advisor to CM for agriculture Manzoor Wassan has predicted that Imran Khan will not be seen in the next elections.

He who leaves power will not return soon. Now Imran Khan will have to wait. Gradually his popularity will decrease, the opportunity given to Imran Khan could not get anything out of it.

Manzoor Wassan further said in his statement on Saturday that Imran Khan’s aides will also leave with him in July, Imran Khan’s long march failed due to wrong decisions, now even the long march will not be successful.

Manzoor Wassan predicted that Bilawal Bhutto or PML-N is likely to become the Prime Minister in the year 2023, there may be an alliance, I see the general elections in the country in April 2023, Imran Khan is doing politics of confrontation, he is afraid of accountability.

He said that after investigating corruption cases against PTI and GDA, then NAB law would be brought. There are big corruption cases against them. Sindh is being deprived of its due share of water due to which crops of cotton and sugarcane are burning, Imran Khan has drowned the country’s fleet.

Manzoor Wassan demanded from the Election Commission that there is a danger of bloodshed in the local body elections in Nara city of Khairpur. The army should be deployed there.

To see the defeat GDA may have create untoward incidents, if so, Sadaruddin Shah shall be held responsible.