Weekly inflation rises to 42.27pc

F.P. Report

ISLAMABAD: The Sensitive Price Index for the current week ended on March 9, 2023 registered an increase of 1.37%.

According to the SPI data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on Friday, the weekly inflation has risen to 42.27%.

The SPI for a consumption group earning up to Rs44,000 per annum has been recorded at 44.14%.

In the current week, the prices of tomatoes have been increased by Rs5.45 per kg; potatoes by Rs5/kg; onions by 13.32/kg; sugar by Rs5.35/kg; bananas by Rs9.45 per dozen; 20kg flour sack by Rs69.19; yogurt by Rs3.44/litre; milk by Rs2.84/litre; 190 gm tea by Rs7.52; and ghee by Rs4.09/kg. Besides this, prices of Dal Maash, rice and meat also increased.

However, the prices of chicken have decreased by Rs31/kg during the current week.

So, the items that recorded an increase in their average prices on a week-on-week (wow) basis included tomatoes (12.43%), potatoes (11.37%), onions (9.26%), sugar (5.48%), bananas (5.31%), cooking oil 5 litres (4.27%), wheat flour (4.06%), vegetable ghee 2.5 kg (4.01%), curd (1.89%), milk fresh (1.82%), tea packet (1.79%), rice basmati broken (1.24%), salt powdered (1.21%), lawn printed (2.00%) and shirting (1.45%).

The items which recorded a decrease in their average prices on a week-on-week (WoW) included chicken (6.73%), garlic (2.07%), pulse moong (0.83%), eggs (0.77%), pulse masoor (0.50%), LPG (0.26%), firewood (0.12%) and pulse gram (0.05%).

On the other hand, the Year-on-Year trend depicts an increase of 42.27%.

On YoY basis,, the commodities that witnessed an increase in prices included onions (305.23%), cigarettes (165.86%), gas charges for q1 (108.38%), diesel (93.82%), eggs (78.63%), rice irri-6/9 (78.14%), petrol (77.89%), rice basmati broken (77.27%), bananas (74.01%), pulse moong (72.54%), tea packet (66.31%), pulse mash (56.02%), pulse gram (55.97%) and bread (55.36%).

The commodities which recorded a decrease in their average prices on a YoY basis included tomatoes (41.79%), chillies powdered (7.42%) and electricity charges for Q1 (6.64%).