Where we are going today: Ladan sandwiches feature flavors from throughout the world

Afshan Aziz

Ladan, which is located in Al-Khalidiyah, Prince Sultan Road, Jeddah, offers the hungry visitor a different type of sandwich experience.

The food outlet offers a modern interpretation of the traditional favorite, and the customer experiences a refined taste amidst a mix of cultures.

Ladan, which means “to have a soft texture” in Arabic, immerses all your senses in an exquisite meal experience.

The chef has traveled the world to learn about the flavors which have influenced the menu. Committed to freshly prepared ingredients and handmade bread, Ladan sandwiches are made with love, passion and patience.

Every small detail has received attention, and that goes for the innovative interior of the location too. The restaurant is designed with plenty of seating, and rooms to suit your mood.

A must-have from the menu is the provolone patty melt sandwich, which is juicy brisket mixed in gravy and layered with provolone cheese and mayo mustard sauce, served in warm pretzel bread.

Another favorite is the Cuban chicken sandwich that has a Mexican edge to it.

Customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to alternatives and, in addition to sandwiches, there are hot appetizers, empanadas, taco beef, Asian cigar rolls, and my personal favorite, “Bang, Bang, Olive,” which is a vegetarian crispy ball served with the most mouthwatering homemade sauce.

It also offers dessert options like “Pain Perdu a la Chef,” which comes in a dish with creme anglaise and cotton candy on the side, and a brownie fudge pudding that is served with creme anglaise and caramel sauce, with a sprinkling of roasted almonds.

The customer will not be disappointed when the food is so impressive, from start to finish.

Courtesy: arabnews