Zabul children affected by whooping cough

ZABUL (Agencies): Dozens of children in Zabul have been infected with whooping cough, the disease recently spread in parts of Zabul, says health officials.
The villages of Barah Khilo and Ishaq Zai Mande, Shahjoy districts, and Shahre safa have been called the main focus of this disease.
The health officials of Zabul say that they have succeeded in controlling this disease so far.
Health teams equipped with antibiotics traveled to the area to treat the patients and prevent further the spread of the disease says the officials at the ministry of public health.
Meanwhile, some other groups have started the process of vaccination of children at risk in Zabul against whooping cough.
The provincial head of public health in Zabul Dr. Abdul Hakeem Hakeemi, said that they were able to control whooping cough by treating the patients and starting the vaccination process.
Whooping cough is a bacterial disease that can lead to bruising due to severe coughing attacks.
Before the discovery of the Whooping cough vaccines, the spread of the disease among children under age ten were 93% according to reports.
The disease is disseminated through respiratory particles, the disease can lead to the death of the patient.