Abbas Stanikzai calls for reopening of Afghan Girls’ School, University

KABUL (Agenices): The deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, called for the reopening of Afghan women and girls’ schools and universities on Friday. Stankizai tweeted that he has supported women and girls’ education in Afghanistan and stressed reopening the doors of schools and universities.
“98 per cent of scholars are in favour of women and girls’ education; the deputy foreign minister for political affairs, Sher Mohammad Stankizai is one of those people who is always in favour of women and girls’ education and insist on opening the doors of schools and universities to girls every speech,” he said in a tweet. His remarks came after a week that the Ministry of Education reopened schools except for girls beyond the sixth grade on 21 March 2023. The new academic has started in Afghanistan, but girls and women beyond sixth grade have yet to be allowed to continue their education for the third consecutive year.
National and international organizations, including the United Nations, have slammed the Taliban’s suppressive policies regarding girls’ education and work.
Earlier, Richard Bennett, the UN special envoy for Afghanistan and a group of experts expressed their concerns, saying that “the ongoing unlawful denial for girls’ right to education in Afghanistan is impacting an entire generation and the country’s future” in a statement.
The statement also stressed that the Taliban administration “has no justification for denying the right to education, on any ground, including religion or tradition.” The UN urged the Taliban authorities to reverse their policy and reopen girls’ schools and universities for all in the country. However, the Taliban administration has not allowed women and girls to attend schools and universities despite massive criticism and condemnation by the international community.