Abdullah reports progress in political negotiations

KABUL (TOLO News): Abdullah Abdullah on Friday reported progress in the political negotiations with President Ashraf Ghani and said there have been agreements in principle and that work is underway to finalize the details of the agreement between the two sides.

“Glad to assure the people of AFG that efforts by respected national personalities to resolve the political crisis have borne fruit. We have made progress in negotiations and reached tentative agreement on a range of principles. Work on details is underway to finalize the agreement,” said Abdullah.

The political tension ramped up between the two rivals Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah after the election results were announced, which favored Ghani. The two sides have held many talks since then.

Abdullah said in a statement on his Facebook account that the talks are underway between the two sides – with the mediation of national figures.

“We hope to finalize the political agreement at the earliest so that we can pay undivided attention to tackling COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring a just, dignified & lasting peace, & confronting the security & economic challenges in a spirit of national unity & solidarity,” Abdullah said.